Have You Ever Had This Happen? It was Weird!

I’m relatively new to Medium, so I’m still learning but this caught me off guard!

Photo of a $2.00 bill in US Dollars
Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

I know, I know, Medium admin doesn’t like its writers writing about Medium. But, I’ve only done that once or twice and those posts did not generate many views, so I’m about to do it again. Not to get more views, but to try and gain a more thorough understanding of this platform.

It’s not about my income in a direct way. But, it does involve a higher than normal payment for a post. I just don’t understand why. Thus, this post.

Most of my articles on medium have generated less than a dollar to date. This includes some viral posts in the summer, right after I first joined, on Monarch Butterflies and a few others. But, those posts that garnered thousands of views haven’t earned me much in total, even over the last few months. You see the views were almost all external (98%) for the most part.

But yesterday, I woke to find a recent post that generated almost $2.00 overnight — from views! Huh? I don’t understand. It has 4 internal views and 2 external views and has no comments. There are 50 total claps.

For the first few days, it only had two external reads. Although I’ve written many, I’ve never posted my book reviews before on Medium. All of the others have been posted to The Apples in My Orchard, the blog/website I’ve had since 2017, where I’ve posted daily since February of that year. Yeah — there are over 1800 blog posts on that other site. I’ve done well with developing a following on WordPress but wanted a larger reach and one that I could potentially be paid from — at least a little bit.

So, I have no great schemes or delusions that I’ll make a living off of Medium. It’s what many here call a side hustle, but as a retired person, I call it a hobby. What I make I’ll add to my jewelry hobby as extra income at the end of the tax year. No biggy.



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