Help! My stories aren’t being read to the end!

I’ve discovered part of why I’m not making money on Medium.

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This morning, I looked at my dismal partner program earrings for this month. Sitting at $3.15, mid-month, I doubt that I’ll reach my modest goal of making $12.00 from the Medium Partner Program for November.

I’ve been in Medium Partner Program since late July 2022. I’ve written daily. I’ve engaged with other writers, by reading and commenting on their posts. I’ve returned messages to those that have been nice enough to leave a comment on my articles. I’m tagging my articles appropriately and I’m using a headline analyzer to get the most bang for my buck — so to speak.

There are two problems that I’ve discovered. One, when one of my articles does well, it is primarily because of external views. This has happened to me time and time again. My most widely read articles are 98% external views. No pay for those.

And today, after doing some investigation on my stats page, I discovered another problem leading to low payouts. And, that is readers, on Medium, are not sticking with my articles. They bail before they get more than two-thirds of the way through. This is true if I am interpreting the reading time correctly. Most of my articles are 4–5 minutes long. My reading time for recent articles is less than 3 minutes in most cases, indicating that they do not reach the end of the article.

Huh? What do I do about this?

The discovery of this problem causes a lot of self-doubts. Is my writing that boring? Are people looking for something I’m not offering? Perhaps, I have to consider both of those reasons. I’ve had off-medium readers comment on my articles in a positive light, telling me it was great or that they enjoyed reading the piece.

I’ve tried to engage readers at the end of my articles by asking questions or telling them I’d like them to contribute their experience about what I’ve written by leaving a comment.

All I know is that this is frustrating. I’m not out to earn a living off of medium, but I would like to earn more than a few dollars. And, this month, I probably won’t continue my climb of revenue (even though it's very modest).



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