Kids Find Their Way…Without A Lot of Pushing, Just Support

Parenting is hard, but one must not insert your dream into your child’s life.

Black board full of math equations and formulas
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Did I have a mathematician?

Did I have an athlete?

Did I have an inventor?

Did I have …

At six, most kids don’t know what they want to be. Even if they exhibit high potential or even giftedness in a particular area. In Kindergarten, one of mine wanted to be a fireman, and another an artist. I did end up with one of those, but it is probably not the one you think!

In first grade, one of mine wrote a nine-chapter book on the planets. He wrote it on his own using books we had in our home. He illustrated it too.

In second grade, he drew large (16x 20) detailed pictures of a town. His town. With streets and buildings.

He became interested in origami in third grade and became president of a local Chapter of Origami Salami, headed by a high school student in Pennsylvania. (We live in Wisconsin.) He participated in a traveling art exhibit and was featured in a publication by He also had a traveling exhibit of origami in fourth grade showing his craft that made it to libraries in our own school district.

By fifth grade, he was writing poems, two were published in adjudicated anthologies for young people. He was still making origami of more and more complex pieces, some were even mobile. No cutting, pasting, or tape. Just folds. I couldn’t do it, nor could my husband. But, he could. And did. We just supplied the resources. But, we didn’t teach him. We didn’t know how.

origami ball
Origami by B.L. Photo by Carol Labuzzetta, 2010.

His interest in art grew in middle school, with drawings using markers and colored pencils. No one took much notice, until high school.

By then, he had found his passion and his art teacher saw it. His passion was art, which also happened to be his gift. Today, our youngest son is a self-employed artist. Do not confuse this with struggling because he’s doing fine. On his journey, he passed up admission into his…



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