Strapped for Cash? Here Are Some Ways To Save Money When Raising Busy Kids.

Have your child choose carefully and you might be able to save a few bucks!

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While all activities will have some cost associated with them, there are a few that traditionally cost more. Parents can think about these costs and their potential cost savings when their children start to become involved in activities. This is especially true if the child is up in the air as to which activity in which to participate.


For example, if your child is undecided as to which instrument to pick for band and is between a flute and a bassoon, you should know that woodwinds that require reeds, such as clarinets, saxophones, oboes, and bassoons, have an added cost. The added cost is for reeds. And the better the musician, the more expensive the reed. I know. I had one child play sax, clarinet, and bassoon. Additionally, my other two sons played clarinet and sax, both requiring reeds. Reeds, especially double reeds, are expensive! You can save yourself the extra cost if your child picks an instrument without reeds.

Expensive instrument costs add up! The following instruments might cost you more than just the rental fee.

Saxophones, Clarinets (single reed costs)

Bassoon (double reed costs)

Oboe (double reed costs)

Piano (lessons & cost of owning a piano)

Private instrument lessons also cost a lot. Although I would never discourage this, it is something to consider especially if the child is not enthusiastic about learning. Pianos cost a lot and while a keyboard might be okay to start off with, eventually, a piano becomes a necessity. Do you think your child will stick with the lessons? Do they practice without being badgered about it? Usually, you can see a passion for an activity. If it’s not there or doesn’t persist after a trial period, it might be best to move on to something more affordable (and of more interest to the child).


All sports these days require some expense, there is no question about that. Whether it be the cost of a uniform kit or new cleats or pads, it all adds up. Involvement…



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