The Poison Being Spewed by National News Outlets

I am more convinced than ever that national news outlets, some more than others, want our country to remain divided!

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We spent four days with my parents this week. They are elderly, mostly homebound, and watch Fox News 24/7. The “idiot box” goes on between 5:30 and 6:00 am and doesn’t go off until they go to bed around 10 pm. That’s a lot of brainwashing. Occasionally, an episode of Hawaii 5–0 might lure them away from this network’s news channel, but not much else.

They can be heard shouting at the television, calling people idiots and more. It is disturbing. It’s hard to be there and listen to it. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was only on for part of the day but the repetitive and circular reporting is a constant.

My parents are good people and I love them. They both worked hard their entire lives, provided a good — upper middle class existence for our family, and never had reason to depend upon others for support. But, their life experience has also been colored by the one-sided reporting that occurs on Fox news.

My husband and I disagree with them on many issues — not all, but many. It is hard to visit them and listen to the newscasters spout division and hatred for half of our country’s leaders. There is never a solution discussed. Just fingers pointed. Speech is pressured and rarely is someone with an opposing view allowed to speak their mind. Instead, they are interrupted incessantly. Facts are twisted or only presented if they feel there is bias towards the view the network wants to support. It is not balanced, as the network claims, in any way.

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We all know mid-term elections were close. What does this tell you? We need more of a middle ground. People (politicians) are elected to serve the people, all of the people, so moving to the middle is needed on BOTH sides.

In addition, journalists are being allowed to sprinkle medically related content with their opinions and so-called facts that are frankly, wrong. The most recent example came yesterday when a woman…



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