The Strangers One Meets On Vacation

Have you ever met a person on vacation that you just clicked with? Or, one you didn’t?

Sun rays hitting Moosehead Lake with golf course hole (green) jutting into water. Seen from near summit of Mt. Kineo.
© Carol Labuzzzetta, 2022.

When we hiked Mt. Kineo in Maine last month, there were only three other couples we saw on the hike. The first couple we met were hiking up as we were hiking down. They hadn’t been to the first landing yet where you could look out and see a nice view of Mt. Kineo Golf course below. We had been there and to the summit already, so we encouraged them onward.

But, before going our separate ways, we chatted with them on the trail. The conversation started out about the route and hiking in general. The topics didn’t veer too far off that but the conversation was easygoing and spontaneous. The couple lived near Mt. Kineo and snowmobiled there in the winter which was amazing given the grade and rocky condition of the trails. After ten to fifteen minutes we parted ways.

Rocky trail on Mt. Kineo Maine surrounded by trees.
Trail on Mt. Kineo Maine © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

Later, I said to my husband that if we had met this couple at the lodge we were staying at, they would have been fun to have dinner or a drink with. He agreed.

Traveling gives one an opportunity to meet locals and other travelers, as well as occasionally see someone from home. For years, each family vacation we took had us running into someone from home! We saw our son's kindergarten teacher in Florida at SeaWorld one year. And, then years later, saw another teacher at the San Diego Zoo over Christmas Break. We had all traveled from Wisconsin and ran into each other in these far-from-home places! It was fun and surprising!

When this happens or when you meet someone you click with immediately, it makes the world seem like so much of a smaller place. There are many nice, congenial, and friendly people in the world.

Then, of course, there are many people that you know you would not get along with when you overhear their travel conversations. This happened to us recently in the bed and breakfast lodge we stayed at in Maine. I can honestly say that on the second morning of our stay, my husband and I and another couple were the only sets of guests that didn’t place unnecessary…



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