What Happens If Educational Systems Get Rid of Grades?

As a long-time invested person in educational systems, I am against the dissolution of letter grades

Photo by author. 2022.

I can hear it now — you are not a teacher, so you don’t understand. No, I’m not a teacher in a K-12 system.

However, I was part of the K-12 system in my resident district for twenty years. My oldest child (now 29) entered school in the fall of the year 2000. My youngest graduated from the same system in 2020. Our middle son graduated in 2018. They all did well but had different learning styles and needs. I got involved to help ensure they got what they needed from the district. For the most part, they had great teachers.

During those twenty years, I was an involved parent participant in our school district. I belonged to PTO, held the office of secretary for two years in PTO, was a classroom volunteer for fifteen of the twenty years, developed and led student groups (book club, writer’s circle, and garden club), developed and led parent advocacy groups (Talented and Gifted Parent Group), went on numerous field trips as a chaperone — even week-long trips to Orlando, Florida, and New York City.

I sat on several committees over the years, both at the building and district levels. I even put myself out there for a…



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