Why Does Such A Sensationalized Style Exist In Writing Today?

Is it because everything else is sensationalized?

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Today, I was going to expand the Silent Sunday Post I’ve written for five years on my WordPress blog, The Apples in my Orchard. I was going to post my photo-only themed blog on the WordPress site and then add some text to it on this, my Medium page, hoping to please my followers on each site.

But that will have to wait a week or at least until later. I just ran across a popular blog that really sensationalized a personal story about a daughter sending her parents a scary text while away at college during her freshman year. While this blogger writes well, a lot of the pieces that are published are sensationalized in my opinion.

Is that part of “good” writing these days? I do see it as a popularly occurring trend. But I’m left unconvinced it is “good” writing. After a “hook” which is something used to grab the readers’ attention, does the rest of the article that follows have to be written in such a breathless and crisis-oriented tone? I don’t think so.

But most of our media today sensationalizes events and even occurrences during the course of reporting daily living. Over the last several years, I’ve had a hard time watching the evening news — especially the national news carried on the major networks. Nora O’Donnell was especially irritating to me as she breathlessly speaks the headlines night after night in such a way that makes my blood pressure rise no matter the story content. David Muir was somewhat less breathless but just last week my husband noted that he also has seemed to acquire the breathless or at least pressured tone of reporting emergently no matter what the story. And, don’t get me started on FOX news — everything is sensationalized on that outlet to gear their audience into false beliefs, division of our country, and hatred towards each other. (Yes, I know this is my opinion). But, if you listen objectively, you will hear their argumentative and interrupting reporting style that fails to let a person with opposing viewpoints even have a chance to speak!

Is that what we’ve become? Breathless and biased? I think we have. While I want readers for both my blogs and anything I might publish, I refuse to give into this…



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